Little Joy

...the 100-day war that saw 800,000 Rwandans mercilessly slaughtered, was about to begin – suddenly we were faced with a story larger than any of us could have imagined...


A circle of young friends, their families and communities all impacted personally by HIV/AIDS...

Kilimanjaro: Part 1

Kilimanjaro: Part 2

The Bid for the Summit

"Tiny steps, one after the other..."..

Facing the Fear

A mountain of small steps...

Oxygen Depletion

Relentless Effort

Into the Unknown

"I've done a few smaller mountains...Mt Eden..."..

40HR Famine: Donke

"No rains for us this year, so we have a problem."..


"Their life is my life."..


Prison Fellowship leads a group of doctors returning to Zimbabwe’s prisons after caring for last year’s famine and cholera victims..


"Their life is my life."..


Overcrowding and inhumane conditions have taken a terrible toll on prisoners in Benin...


In Honduras, a country struck with severe poverty, Prison Fellowship has provided much needed food and job training through a flourishing prison Hydroponics project...


The GEO Trust in Ghana gives ex-prisoners a real opportunity for employment, support for their families, and restoration to society...

The Journey of Hope

A programme for UNHCR that illustrates the realities of refugee resettlement by joining three families on their journey from Africa to New Zealand...

Exposure International Ltd

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