Sections of Iraq lie in ruins at the hands of ISIS, with hundreds of thousands of families displaced by seemingly endless bouts of violence and genocide...


This Machine Kills Fascists

A camera is a powerful thing. It’s a lot like Woodie Guthrie’s guitar - it can create stories that have the power to render both warlords and governments accountable...

Welcome to Bougainville

Little Joy

...the 100-day war that saw 800,000 Rwandans mercilessly slaughtered, was about to begin – suddenly we were faced with a story larger than any of us could have imagined...


With the help of Kiwi dairying expertise, Tamil's farmers are rebuilding their country in the wake of a 30-year war...

Welcome to Bougainville

Life, Amplified

For a small window of time, you leave the comfort of the First World and are thrust into a situation that is measured in terms of life or death...

Exposure International Ltd

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