Take a Stand

In 2014, 120,000 Kiwi kids rallied together for the 40th year of World Vision’s iconic social justice event. The hype clip for the 2015 campaign dares to call this statistic what it is: a movement. Filmed across locations including Cuba Street, the Beehive, Auckland’s harbour bridge and CBD, the piece features over 100 kiwi kids wrangled from local schools exploring typical fundraising initiatives, while questioning the crooked scales of global poverty.

We reckon it’s a fitting tribute to a nation with a proud history of refusing to stand by and watch injustice from afar.

We take our hats off to the unsung heroes of this clip – the teachers willing to go above and beyond to create the student army, corralling students for last-minute carpark shoots and going above and beyond to make the famine a success story.

Exposure International Ltd

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