World Vision

Take a Stand

A fitting tribute to a nation with a proud history of refusing to stand by and watch injustice from afar...

The Power of 40

National treasure Sam Hunt fires up the prose to celebrate the 40 Hour Famine's 40th anniversary...

Welcome to Bougainville

Global Food Crisis

Kilimanjaro: Part 1

Kilimanjaro: Part 2

The Bid for the Summit

"Tiny steps, one after the other..."..

Facing the Fear

A mountain of small steps...

Oxygen Depletion

Relentless Effort

Into the Unknown

"I've done a few smaller mountains...Mt Eden..."..

Welcome to Bougainville

40HR Famine: Donke

"No rains for us this year, so we have a problem."..


"Their life is my life."..

Sahel Portraits

Dairy Farming




"Their life is my life."..

World Vision Works

Exposure International Ltd

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