Small Steps

A journey begins with a single step..


"Hey Jonesy! Give us a hand with a job Saturday"..


Working with kids is a high stakes game. Sometimes you’re lucky to stumble across a holy grail, “out of the mouths of babes” moment, but most of the time it’s a case of shoving the words in there yourself...

Lines in the Sand

As filmmakers, we can’t help but hold on to the lofty belief that the images we capture can change lives...

JK: Hope

Hang on to hope...

Easy As

Slap on a coat of paint, chuck up a fence.....


"Where's Polly Filla today?"..

JK: Exercise

Keep moving...

JK: Coaching

When everything hits the fan, go back to the plan...

JK: Surfing

"Just enjoy the little things."..

JK: Stop Sign

Know the warning signs...

JK: Help

Reach out...


The life of a television commercial is a funny one...

Exposure International Ltd

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