Tim Parsons

A multi-disciplined storyteller, Tim Parsons is a veritable human Swiss Army Knife behind the camera. His experience as a director, DP and editor gives him a 360-degree view of a story from its inception. This enables him to scale to meet a project’s specific requirements, from a one-man-band in a foreign prison to leading a 50-strong crew.

As a documentarian, Tim has been travelled from Bethlehem to Kilimanjaro to produce pieces that throw deep narratives against vast landscapes. His natural affinity with people and an ability to draw out their true identity feeds into all aspects of his work, whether humanitarian or commercial.

This approach has made Tim one of Exposure’s finest kid-wranglers. He’s captured children at their very best, from Meadowfresh’s fresh-faced milk ads to setting 80 kids loose on a Christmas spree in The Warehouse’s Christmas film.


Exposure International Ltd

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