Nikki Denholm

Nikki Denholm’s camera lens has seen a lifetime of stories. Her images, captured across 30 countries, tell the tales of those often unable to speak for themselves.

She’s spent over 20 years immersed in depths of the world’s corners; Somalia’s refugee camps, Ethiopia’s orphanages, India’ alleyway brothels and prisons from around the globe. Her images capture not only the injustice within the frame, but also highlight the inherent dignity and beauty of its subjects.

Nikki’s unflinching drive for justice has seen her publish large format works and fundraising exhibits, granting a much-needed voice to the voiceless. Her health background has seen her work as a consultant for the New Zealand Ministry of Health specialising in gender issues amongst migrant/refugee women. This has led her to work across numerous African countries partnering with key international women’s organisations working against traditional harmful practices. She founded both the New Zealand Female Genital Mutilation Education (FGM) Programme and the NZ National African Refugee HIV/AIDS Education Programme in the 1990s. Nikki was appointed as an FGM Technical Advisor for the WHO, Geneva in 1999.

Exposure International Ltd

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